How to Find a Crypto Tax Accountant May 2024

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  • A professional crypto tax accountant stays current shifting tax regulations in crypto and works to help their clients properly file their taxes and minimize their tax liability while remaining compliant.

  • A crypto tax specialist should be able to discuss a wide range of topics around crypto taxes and various crypto activities, including short- and long-term trades and staking and mining.

Do you need an accountant for crypto?

Crypto's tax and legal status remains uncertain and complex, both in the US and internationally. In response, the IRS has increased its oversight of cryptocurrency transactions and provided more comprehensive guidelines on taxing digital currencies.

This interest in cryptocurrency has increased demand for crypto tax accountants and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who possess a deep and authentic understanding of this rapidly evolving financial sector.

Alongside capital gains, many crypto users need help accounting for crypto mining and staking. They often also need help understanding the difference between taxable events affecting their tax liability and non-taxable events that must be recorded to make accurate crypto tax calculations. To meet this demand, our VIP plan at TokenTax includes a dedicated crypto tax accountant and more.

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Is hiring a crypto tax accountant worth it?

A crypto tax accountant is a valuable ally for crypto users, providing essential guidance on navigating the intricate and often complex landscape of cryptocurrency taxation. Their expertise empowers you to make informed decisions about how to manage your crypto gains and losses before and through tax season.

While the cryptocurrency community scrambles to understand what the tax law expects of them, normal accounting firms will be familiar with the basics of cryptocurrency tax preparation, such as filing a Form 8949. However, these accountants may not have a grasp of the nuances of tax reporting that crypto tax accounting demands. 

Why you should hire a crypto tax accountant

Crypto moves fast, and so do crypto tax regulations. As crypto adoption has increased, so has the demand for crypto accountants who specialize in crypto and truly understand the rapidly evolving space.

A crypto tax accountant stays current with all the latest trends and tax consequences around crypto and works to ensure their clients properly file their taxes and maximize their crypto returns. Given the complex nature of crypto taxes and increased IRS scrutiny, hiring a professional crypto tax accountant is increasingly necessary for those engaged in crypto.

What does your crypto tax accountant need to file your taxes

A crypto tax accountant will need a complete record of your crypto activity. Fortunately, crypto records are easily accessible, whether you trade on a centralized exchange or use DeFi. 

Depending on how complex your crypto activity is, you may need to provide further details about staking or mining and other professional crypto activity. Crypto holders should maintain thorough records of transactions, gains and losses, and expenses related to crypto if they trade professionally or engage in other crypto activities as a professional or business.

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Costs for a professional crypto CPA

The hourly rate for a professional crypto accountant will vary, and how much you can expect to pay will depend on the complexity of your crypto transactions. A CPA will charge between $37 to $400 an hour, and many will not be qualified as crypto tax accountants. 

Given the complexity and shifting regulations around crypto taxes, it’s important to work with a true crypto tax accountant who understands the ins and outs of the industry.

TokenTax VIP starts at just $3,499 and is the recommended solution for those who want absolute confidence in their crypto tax filing. Our VIP plan includes a dedicated crypto tax accountant and more.

TokenTax crypto tax services

TokenTax is the crypto tax calculator and full-service accounting firm that gives you everything you need to file completely and correctly, regardless of what you’ve traded or where you live.

  • TokenTax syncs with your wallets and accounts to largely eliminate manual data entry, allowing you to see and analyze all of your data in one place. Our crypto tax services begin at just $65 a year. 

  • Our VIP plan includes support for up to 30,000 transactions, two 30-minute consultations with a tax professional, advanced reconciliation services, and more.

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Questions to ask before hiring a crypto tax accountant

To ensure the crypto tax accounting firm you hire is qualified, consider asking some of the questions below before hiring them. A qualified crypto accountant should be comfortable discussing these topics:

  • How familiar are you with cryptocurrency?

  • What does your process look like and how long will it take?

  • Can you calculate my data from multiple exchanges?

  • Do you know the definitions of staking and mining and how they affect my taxes differently?

  • Have you filed a crypto FBAR before?

  • Do I need to give you my data for past years?

  • I don’t have all of my trade data. What can I do to still file accurately and on time?

Crypto tax accountant FAQs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions and how a crypto tax accountant can help.

Will the IRS audit you for crypto?

While the likelihood of an IRS audit for crypto activities is generally low, an audit can happen to anyone. Between 2010 and 2018, the IRS audited approximately 0.6% of personal and 0.97% of corporate returns. Engaging a crypto tax accountant is strongly advised despite these relatively low audit rates. Collaborating with a professional ensures accurate and proper filing of your returns, offering additional protection and expertise in navigating the complexities of crypto taxation.

How to pay less taxes on crypto

There are a number of legal ways to reduce your crypto taxes. For US traders, holding for long-term capital gains is an obvious choice. You may also consider donating some of your crypto or a tax loss harvesting strategy. This is another area where a crypto accountant will be able to advise and assist.

Is hiring a crypto tax accountant worth it?

A crypto tax accountant provides essential guidance in navigating the complex landscape of crypto taxation. While traditional accounting firms may be familiar with basic tax preparation, a crypto tax accountant specializes in the nuances of crypto tax reporting. Given the complexities and increased IRS scrutiny, working with a crypto tax professional like ours at TokenTax can be a huge help to involved in crypto.

Do I need to give my crypto tax accountant data for past years?

Yes, providing historical data is essential for a thorough crypto tax assessment. Having a complete record of your past years' crypto activities allows a crypto tax accountant to calculate your tax liability and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

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