About TokenTax

The crypto community’s choice for taxes

What sets us apart

We can help with taxes from start to finish.

From software calculation to tax return filings, we have the in-house software and accounting capabilities to see you through your entire tax process.

We can handle the simple and the sophisticated.

Big or small, we’ve seen it all. Our team has the experience to support every exchange or wallet and tackle crypto tax situations that range from HODLers to hedge funds.

We know DeFi and NFTs.

We’re leaders in translating DeFi activity into transactions that tax agencies can understand. Part of knowing DeFi is also knowing that it’s moving faster every day. That’s why our software makes editing transactions easy.

We pioneered the crypto tax space.

Many other crypto tax platforms started as portfolio trackers—not us. We were created with tax accounting in mind, which is reflected in tools such as our Tax Loss Harvesting Dashboard and Minimization accounting method.

We’re user-centered, not institution-centered.

We build products to help taxpayers, not to monetize their data.

We’re nice, honestly.

At every price tier, you get access to live chat support from our product experts, who are super knowledgeable, super friendly, and all-around great.

How we can help

World-class crypto tax software

At our core, TokenTax offers intuitive cryptocurrency tax software that imports transaction data from every exchange, calculates capital gains/losses and tax liability, and automatically generates your tax forms.

Parsing your transaction data and resolving issues

We offer advanced cryptocurrency reconciliation services. That means we can analyze your transaction history to backfill missing or incorrect data.

Full-service tax filing

If you’d rather leave the work to us, that’s fine. We have an in-house team of CPAs, EAs, and other tax professionals who can file your tax returns for you.

Enterprise-level service

For clients with complex tax situations—or those who just want white-glove service—we can provide a dedicated team to meet your unique needs, such as quarterly tax estimates, LLC and corporation taxes, and bookkeeping.

Back tax filing

If you’ve failed to file in previous years, we can work with you to get square with the IRS and incur as low a penalty as possible.

IRS audit assistance

Don’t worry. We'll walk you through how to answer the IRS’s queries and make the process as painless as we can.

How we got here

TokenTax’s first version was created by co-founder Alex Miles back in 2017. This initial product imported data directly from Coinbase, and it won the Product Hunt Global Hackathon. Soon after, co-founder Zac McClure joined. Before starting TokenTax, Alex worked as a product designer for Readmill and Dropbox. Zac worked in impact capital, nonprofit corporate and legal structuring, investment banking, and as a mathematics teacher.

In 2019, TokenTax acquired Crypto CPAs, a cryptocurrency tax accounting firm led by CPA Andrew Perlin.

Now, TokenTax calculates cryptocurrency taxes and provides tax and accounting services for thousands of crypto investors around the world.

Why we do it

Let’s be honest—one of cryptocurrency’s main obstacles to mainstream adoption is ease of use. Not everyone can easily understand how the blockchain works, or how to set up a wallet, or even how crypto is taxed. For DeFi to achieve its goals, it needs to be more accessible.

We’re tackling this challenge head on, aiming to make crypto taxes as straightforward and painless as we can.

We know that to do this, we’ll need multidisciplinary expertise. TokenTax was and is created by designers, accountants, and crypto enthusiasts.

Let’s get started.

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