From forms to filing, we cover all your crypto tax needs.

TokenTax is the crypto tax calculator and full-service accounting firm that provides everything you need to file completely and correctly, no matter what you’ve traded or where you’re located.

Data import

Sync your data seamlessly

TokenTax syncs with all your wallets and accounts, largely eliminating manual data entry and letting you see and analyze all of your data in one place.

  • API and wallet integrations
  • DeFi, NFT support
  • Margin and futures trading support
  • Easily find and fix errors or missing data
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Sync your data seamlessly

Tax reports

Preview your tax bill in real time

Track and preview your tax liability so you’re never caught unprepared. Our tax reports include:

  • FIFO, LIFO, Minimization, and average cost tax liability calculations
  • Tax loss harvesting dashboard
  • Mining and staking income reports
  • Ethereum gas fee reports
  • Custom enterprise reports
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Preview your tax bill in real time

Crypto tax forms

Every tax form you need (and probably some you don’t)

Our software automatically generates every tax form you need to complete your filings—whether you file with us or a different provider, such as TurboTax.

  • Form 8949, Schedule D
  • FBAR
  • International forms
  • TurboTax integration
  • Full filing add-on
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Every tax form you need (and probably some you don’t)


Relax. Let us do the work.

For investors with more complex accounting needs, we offer advanced reconciliation services from crypto-savvy tax professionals. We’re well-equipped to handle data that includes:

  • Missing cost basis or messy data situations
  • High transaction volume
  • Cross-chain transactions
  • Enterprise solutions
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Relax. Let us do the work.

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