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Ultimate Crypto-Friendly Intro to Personal Finance

April 1, 2022 New to personal finance? We offer a crypto-friendly intro to taxes, retirement savings, credit building, and more.

How to Report Crypto On Your Taxes: 5-Step Guide

February 3, 2022 In this five-step guide, we outline how to report cryptocurrency on taxes and file your tax Form 8949.

Guide to Crypto Taxes in the Netherlands

February 5, 2022 There are no capital gains taxes in the Netherlands, but a yearly wealth tax is imposed on assets. Learn more.

The Essential NFT Tax Guide for Creators and Investors

February 3, 2022 NFTs have exploded in popularity among investors, artists, and gamers. But do you know how they're taxed? Learn more.

Are There Crypto Airdrop Taxes?

August 31, 2021 New platforms or NFT collections often use airdrops to attract or reward users. If you receive tokens in an airdrop, are they taxable? Find out more.

How are Crypto Hard Forks Taxed?

October 18, 2022 Crypto hard forks, like the Bitcoin fork, result in a new chain and new tokens. If you receive tokens in a hard fork, are they taxed?

Guide to Crypto Taxes in the United Kingdom

February 4, 2022 Learn how cryptocurrency is taxed and how to pay your crypto taxes in the U.K., as per HRMC rules and guidelines.

Guide to Crypto Taxes in Australia

February 7, 2022 Crypto assets are taxable in Australia. Learn more about how to report crypto on your tax returns.

Guide to Crypto Taxes in South Africa

February 5, 2022 South Africa is increasing crypto regulation, but tax guidance is still limited. Read what we know for sure.

How is Cryptocurrency Taxed?

February 4, 2022 Is crypto taxed? If so, what is a taxable event? How much is crypto taxed? We answer these questions in our guide to how the IRS taxes crypto in the U.S.

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