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Crypto Tax Loss Harvesting: Your Guide for 2022

February 4, 2022 Strategically identifying unrealized losses to sell can help you lower your capital gains taxes. Learn more about crypto tax loss harvesting.

What to Expect from a Crypto Tax Audit

June 24, 2020 What kind of information do crypto tax audits look for? We outline some of the most common questions asked in IRS and CRA crypto tax audit letters.

Does Coinbase Report to the IRS?

December 4, 2019 If you're trading crypto on Coinbase, will you or the IRS receive a 1099? Read more to find out more about Coinbase's crypto tax reporting.

NFT Tax Guide: Investing, Creating, Gaming and More

February 3, 2022 NFTs have exploded in popularity among investors, artists, and gamers. But do you know how they're taxed? Learn more.

Guide to Crypto Taxes in Spain

February 7, 2022 Spain is cracking down on crypto tax enforcement. Learn what you need to know to comply with existing tax guidance.

10 Best Crypto Trading Bots for 2022

March 10, 2020 Automated cryptocurrency bots are a popular tool. Read our recommendations about which bitcoin bot strategies and platforms might be best for you.

Guide to Crypto Taxes in Germany

February 4, 2022 The German tax code is friendly to cryptocurrency, but some transactions are still taxable. We outline what you need to know.

Guide to Crypto Taxes in Australia

February 7, 2022 The ATO taxes crypto assets. Read our intro to Australian crypto taxes to find out how your trades need to be reported on your tax returns.

Guide to Crypto Taxes in India

April 13, 2022 Wondering how cryptocurrency is taxed in India under the new laws? Look no further; in this guide we outline how Indian crypto taxes work.

Guide to Crypto Taxes in Japan

February 3, 2022 Japan has very high tax rates on cryptocurrency—up to 55%. Learn about Japan's crypto tax policies and the importance of keeping thorough records.

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