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TokenTax VIP is your full-service crypto tax accountant. We offer a dedicated team and tailored crypto tax solutions for businesses and select investors.

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Why choose VIP?

Our VIP plan is our most comprehensive consumer product, meant for advanced investors who want expertly-prepared tax returns.

Why VIP?

We do your crypto taxes for you. Start to finish.

Give us your data and we’ll take care of the rest. No more editing transactions or trying to find missing cost basis.

Skip the software, work with a human.

Gain confidence in knowing that seasoned professionals are with you every step of the way. Don’t leave it to chance.

Work with the most knowledgeable team in crypto.

We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of cases and work with the most high profile clients. Our knowledge is shared among all of our clients.

Discuss tax strategy with our professionals.

Have detailed questions about your crypto taxes? Go over them with our professionals and we’ll help you figure out the best tax strategy.

From our customers

“TokenTax is hands down the most phenomenal tax service.”

Brett W.

Excellent service + Peace of mind

I used them for 2 years. Excellent experience both times. Year 2 they raised the prices quite a bit to like $3500 for whatever reason, but it's still well worth it for the peace of mind (I thought Year 1 was weirdly cheap anyways). You upload all your docs, they figure out the details, asked you some clarifying questions, then deal with the taxes, file, and handle the transfer for you. I liked how they explained the filing options so you can make the right tradeoffs for your situation. If I make more on crypto in the future they'll be my first stop.

Carlos L.

TokenTax Customer

TokenTax is EXCELLENT!

I have used TokenTax for several years now and I am so impressed with Zac and his whole team. They are so responsive and provide excellent customer service. They not only help get my taxes dialed in, they also educate and help you understand the best strategies.

Joey O.

TokenTax Customer

Token Tax is hands down the most phenomenal tax service

Token Tax is hands down the most phenomenal tax service I have veer used, crypto or otherwise. The staff in all departments are beyond helpful, and really take the time to explain how the process works, as well as help you identify any potential errors and issues. I will be using them every year going forward, as they have more than earned my appreciation and respect.

Brett W.

TokenTax Customer

Accessible and helpful

Been using TokenTax software for 3 years now. They have helped me expedite my crypto tax reconciliation process which would take ages otherwise. There are a couple bugs in their software (occasionally), but their customer support are 1st class in their helpfulness and speed of response, so we can usually figure it out and find another way to fix it. I used their VIP hands-on service and my reconciliation rep was super helpful helping me clean up my previous years' entries from scratch. She answered my emails quickly, helped me generate spreadsheets so I can comb through transactions 1 by 1 and see which ones were taxable events. I recommend you use their VIP service if you have some thorny previous crypto taxes to fix. Definitely you still need to do some legwork though since you'll need to tell them which transactions are internal vs external. But other than that they help a great deal and can help speed things up and increase your peace of mind that you did it correctly.


TokenTax Customer

How VIP works

Crypto taxes without any of the work

Our VIP plan includes support for up to 30,000 transactions, two 30-minute consultations with a tax professional, advanced reconciliation services, and more.


Fill out reconciliation profile

Answer our questionnaire about your situation. This helps us pair you with the appropriate reconciliation specialist, so please take your time and answer the questions to the best of your ability.


Upload your data

Continue with importing your full transaction history, including your data on trade history, wallets, purchases, expenses on goods and services, and any staking or mining. Now, would be the perfect time to use one of your CPA consultations and ask your high-level tax questions with one of our CPAs.


Reconciliation begins

At this point, your personal reconciliation specialist reaches out to you with questions. Be prepared to answer promptly. Common questions include information about ICOs, presales, or OTC trades, missing wallet or exchange data that might have been omitted from the questionnaire, and clarification regarding complex DeFi transactions.


Review your results

This would be the perfect time to use your final CPA consultation and discuss alternative tax treatments, which accounting method you should use to file, or any other specific tax questions with one of our CPAs.


Discuss tax strategy with our professionals

Together, we’ll reconcile your crypto transaction data. And, if you want, we’ll even submit your Form 8949 or international gain/loss report to your accountant for you.

Why VIP?

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