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Have profit? TokenTax makes crypto taxes easy

Use our free crypto profit calculator to determine crypto and Bitcoin profits and losses. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, our Bitcoin profit calculator can help you make informed investment decisions. Then sign up for a TokenTax account for:

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TokenTax seamlessly integrates with your wallets and exchanges, providing a comprehensive overview of your gains, losses, and income.

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TokenTax adheres to the highest security protocols to protect your data and ensure your information remains secure.

Comprehensive Tax Reports

Stay ahead of your tax obligations with comprehensive reports, including calculations for FIFO, LIFO, Minimization, and a tax loss harvesting dashboard.

Preparing cryptocurrency taxes was quick and easy

I was able to prepare my tax return in about 30 minutes even though I was trading NFTs on a decentralized exchange. Everything went smoothly because the tech support reps were very helpful.

Eric Novinson

TokenTax Customer

TokenTax To Da Moon

The Token Tax gang are the people you want in your corner when you’re freaking out about all the degen chad trades you made last year. Their import integrations, responsive customer service, and “we’ll handle it” package offerings make you realize that even if you got rekt last year, with the help of the right tax specialists, you’re gonna make it.

Yanik Jayaram

TokenTax Customer

Super seamless

Switched to TokenTax and it was seamless. TokenTax’s features are amazing for crypto tracking including mining, staking, and DeFi. If they don’t have a feature to support that transaction, they are either currently working on it, or will manually import your csv file FOR YOU!! Amazing.

Marty McFly

TokenTax Customer

Excellent crypto tax software!

Excellent software. I tried many others and TokenTax continuously updates to ensure it recognizes most platforms out there, especially DeFi. When I had questions or issues, their online chat representatives were quick to reply and help resolve every situation.


TokenTax Customer

The product is excellent

This product is excellent, and the team behind it is helpful and prompt. I had an issue which required customer support, and it was resolved quickly and efficiently.

Roy Vreeland

TokenTax Customer

Great software

Great software. Makes life much easier than having to manually keep a track of transactions. If you are trading crypto you defo want to be using TokenTax. Also, their customer service is outstanding.


TokenTax Customer

Fast, reliable, and excellent customer service

This was my first year utilizing Token Tax for reporting crypto trades. The process was so fast and easy that I was able to import all my trade data from 6 exchanges (5 CEX & Uniswap) and create a crypto 8949 report in the same day.

Nick DiCandia

TokenTax Customer

Look nowhere else, use TokenTax

If you are in the crypto world you should be using TokenTax, no questions asked. This site is so easy and smooth to use. When I first watched the video, I said no way it’s that easy, and you know what? It was. The API integrations worked smoothly with the exchanges. Great Customer Service.


TokenTax Customer

Crypto profit calculator: How it works!

Unlock the power of TokenTax's crypto profit calculator:

  1. Currency Selection: Choose your base currency, such as USD, for accurate calculations.
  2. Cryptocurrency Selection: Pick from various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and more.
  3. Investment Details: Input the amount invested, along with the buy and sell prices of your chosen cryptocurrency.
  4. Fee Inclusion: Add any relevant investment or exit fees to ensure precise profit or loss calculations.
  5. Outcome Analysis: The crypto profit calculator will provide a detailed breakdown of your profit or loss, total investment, and net return.

Can you calculate profits automatically?

Yes, with TokenTax, you can automate your crypto and Bitcoin profit calculations. Sign up, connect your wallets and exchanges to our platform, and let us crunch the numbers for you.

How to calculate your crypto profit

To calculate your crypto gains and losses, apply this simple formula:

  • Profit or Loss = Sale Price - Purchase Price

Here, the Sale Price is the fair market value of your cryptocurrency when you sell it, minus any associated disposal fees. The Purchase Price is the fair market value of your crypto when you acquired it, plus any fees incurred during the purchase.

What is the best percentage to take profit in crypto?

The ideal percentage for profit-taking in crypto is entirely subjective and depends on your investment objectives and market conditions. It's crucial to assess your risk tolerance and investment strategy when deciding on the right percentage. Always do your own research and understand the risks involved before trading crypto.

Reinvesting in crypto profits

Reinvesting your crypto profits can be a smart strategy to expand your portfolio after taking a profit. However, evaluating the market's volatility and risk tolerance before reinvesting is essential. Ensure you have sufficient funds to cover any crypto tax obligations from your trades.

Crypto taxes are our expertise

Much more than a crypto profit calculator, TokenTax is your trusted partner for all your crypto tax needs. Whether you're dealing with straightforward trades or complex transactions, our platform and team of crypto tax professionals are here to ensure you file your taxes accurately and effortlessly.

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