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  • Earn cash by becoming a TokenTax affiliate. Receive a 10% commission on the cost of the plan selected by customers you refer, applicable to the first sale to a new client.

  • Getting started with TokenTax’s affiliate program is simple. Sign up, receive a unique link, and share it with your audience. Monitor your sales, commissions, and pending payouts through the user-friendly affiliate dashboard.

Are you a crypto affiliate? Help your patrons file their taxes and earn rewards

Earn cash with TokenTax’s cryptocurrency affiliate program. When you refer customers to our crypto tax services and they sign up for a plan, you’ll receive 10% of the cost of the plan they select. This applies to the first sale to a new client.

How do I get started with TokenTax’s affiliate program?

Sign up to be an affiliate here. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be given a unique link. Crypto tax plans bought via this link will earn you affiliate earnings.

Be sure to check the other features of your affiliate dashboard too — on it you can view your sales, commissions, and pending payouts. 

What makes TokenTax the best crypto affiliate program?

While there are many affiliate programs for services like crypto exchanges, taxes are a separate necessity that crypto traders must handle. This means that you can promote TokenTax in any cryptocurrency context.

How much in earnings should I expect from being a TokenTax affiliate?

You will earn 10% on the first sale of any plan purchased by a new client. This means that if a client purchases one year of our VIP package, then you will earn 10% of that $3500 package: $350. Have a look at our plans to see what your rewards will look like.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us via our live chat!

TokenTax crypto affiliate program FAQs

Here are frequently asked questions about the TokenTax cryptocurrency affiliate program and crypto affiliate programs generally.

What are crypto affiliate programs?

Crypto affiliate programs (like ours at TokenTax) are partnerships offered by various cryptocurrency-related services, allowing individuals to earn commissions by promoting and referring customers to these services. These programs typically provide affiliates with unique referral links, and when users sign up or make a purchase through these links, affiliates receive a commission.

Is crypto good for affiliate marketing?

Yes, crypto can benefit affiliate marketers, especially in niche areas like crypto exchanges and crypto-related services. For example, our affiliate program at TokenTax allows affiliates to earn rewards by referring customers to our crypto tax services.

To stay up to date on the latest, follow TokenTax on Twitter @tokentax.

Zac McClure
Zac McClureCo-Founder & CEO at TokenTax
Zac co-founded TokenTax after his career in international finance and accounting at JPMorgan, Imprint Capital and Bain. He has worked in more than half-dozen countries and received his MBA from the UPenn Wharton School.
Tynisa (Ty) Gaines
Reviewed byTynisa (Ty) GainesTax Expert at TokenTax
Tynisa (Ty) Gaines, EA has more than 20 years of experience as a tax professional. Ty has published numerous tax articles, two tax e-books, and an academic publication on cryptocurrency for the National Income Tax Workbook.

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