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The results provided by this tool are for estimation purposes only. They do not account for local taxes, net investment income tax, either itemized or standard deductions, tax credits, or capital losses that could reduce your capital gains. For comprehensive advice, consult a professional tax advisor.

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What is a crypto tax calculator?

A crypto taxes calculator is a specialized tool designed to automatically determine the tax liabilities associated with your cryptocurrency transactions.

By connecting directly to hundreds of exchanges and wallets, including Coinbase, Binance, and MetaMask, TokenTax simplifies the calculation of your gains, losses, and income, providing you with a detailed tax report at the click of a button.

How does the crypto tax calculator work?

TokenTax’s free crypto tax calculator connects to your crypto exchanges and wallets, aggregates your transaction history, and applies the latest tax rules to calculate your tax liabilities. This includes sorting between capital gains and income based on the duration of coin holding and the nature of transactions.

How is cryptocurrency taxed?

In the US cryptocurrency is treated as property for tax purposes. This means that dispositions such as sales or exchanges trigger capital gains or losses, while earnings through mining or staking are considered income.

Calculating capital gains

Calculate your crypto capital gains or losses by subtracting the cost basis (the price at acquisition) from the sale price of your crypto. TokenTax facilitates this by automatically fetching transaction details and applying the appropriate tax rules for short-term or long-term gains.

Important things to know about crypto taxes

Understanding the nuances of crypto taxes can significantly affect your tax reporting and planning. Here are some key things to consider:

Your location matters

Your state of residence can affect the calculation of state taxes, which are added to your federal tax obligations. Taxpayers outside the US can refer to our helpful country guides.

Know your filing status

Different filing statuses can affect your tax rates and liabilities. Our platform at TokenTax helps you understand which status best applies to your situation. When in doubt, our crypto tax professionals for guidance.

The importance of your annual income

Your annual income determines which tax bracket you fall into, directly affecting your capital gains tax rates.

Fees in relation to your tax bill

Fees paid for acquiring or selling crypto can adjust your cost basis and sale proceeds, potentially reducing your taxable gains.

Length of ownership

The duration you hold a cryptocurrency affects whether gains are taxed as short- or long-term, significantly impacting the tax rate applied. Crypto you’ve held for less than a year is subjected to typically higher short-term capital gains rates.

Expert tips on lowering your crypto taxes

Explore strategies such as holding crypto long-term, harvesting tax losses, and utilizing retirement accounts to manage your crypto investments in a tax-efficient manner. Learn more about how to reduce your crypto taxes.

Crypto tax calculator FAQs

How much will I be taxed on crypto?

The tax rate depends on whether your gains are short- or long-term, your income level, and your specific state or region. Crypto received as income is taxed like regular income, as is crypto received from staking upon receipt. Learn more about crypto staking taxes.

Are there any free crypto tax calculators?

TokenTax offers the best crypto tax calculator available online, which estimates taxes based on simple inputs. Our premium plans offer more comprehensive features.

What is the cost basis in a crypto tax calculator?

Your crypto cost basis is the original value of a crypto asset for tax purposes, adjusted for associated fees. This cost basis is used to determine capital gains or losses.

What is the easiest way to calculate crypto taxes?

The easiest way is to use TokenTax’s crypto tax calculator. This tool automates the entire process from data import to report generation, ensuring accuracy and compliance with current tax laws. When in doubt, consult a crypto tax professional.

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