Editorial Guidelines

We’re committed to creating high quality content that helps our readers. Read more about what guides our editorial process.

Editorial Principles

Mission: To educate and empower

Publishing high-quality content is a core component of TokenTax’s commitment to our users. While our blogs and guides do play a role organically attracting users to our site, their primary goal is to educate readers about crypto taxes. This includes both actionable how-to guides and more analytical evaluations of the current regulatory environment for blockchain technology.

Authors: In-house team

Typically, TokenTax does not publish guest blogs. Our content is primarily researched and written in house, and is intended to be informative rather than commercial. In the rare instance that a guest does publish on our blog, their content will be reviewed in the same manner as pieces written by a team member.

Quality assurance: Expert reviews

All of our content is fact-checked and proofread. Additionally, it must be approved by a member of our Editorial Review Board before publication. We take pride in being a thought leader in the crypto tax industry, and so take the extra steps necessary to ensure that any information we provide is of the highest quality.

Autonomy: No pay to play

Our content is not influenced by conflicts of interest. In plain terms, we do not accept payment or other rewards for mentioning an organization or linking to its website.

Corrections and updates

The crypto regulatory landscape moves quickly. Thus, we periodically review our content to ensure it is up to date. To document this, we share the date of the last edit at the top of our content.

Also, mistakes happen. If you do find an outdated or incorrect statement, please bring it to the attention of our editorial staff.

Editorial Review Board

Zac McClure

Co-founder, CEO

Zac co-founded TokenTax after his career in international finance and accounting at JPMorgan, Imprint Capital and Bain. He has worked in more than half-dozen countries and received his MBA from the UPenn Wharton School.

Tynisa Gaines, EA

Senior Project Manager

Tynisa (Ty) Gaines EA, is a project manager at TokenTax. She has more than 20 years of experience as a tax professional, in situations ranging from retail offices to private EA/CPA firms. She has published and been quoted about tax topics in many publications, including Reuters and The Hill.

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