Guide to Crypto Taxes in the Netherlands

There are no capital gains taxes in the Netherlands, but a yearly wealth tax is imposed on assets. Learn more.

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ByZac McClure, MBAUpdated on October 31, 2022 · minute read

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Guide to Crypto Taxes in the Netherlands

How crypto is taxed in the Netherlands

There is no crypto capital gains tax in the Netherlands. Rather, crypto is taxed as an asset. If the taxable base value of your assets (crypto and non-crypto) is more than 50,000 EUR, you are subject to the net worth tax (Vermogensbelasting) of 31%.

The net worth tax is levied on the deemed yield of held assets, which is a fixed percentage return assumed by the government. Actual income is irrelevant.[1] This is unlike countries that treat crypto as property; in these countries a gain or loss only realized if the asset is traded.

Each year on January 1, the taxable base of an individual's assets is reset. In other words, the wealth tax is applied to the deemed yield on the value of assets of the prior tax year.

Calculating the net worth tax

There are three tax brackets for the net worth tax. Although the net worth tax applies to all assets, the Netherlands assumes different yields for savings and property than it does for investment assets. It also assumes that the ratio of savings and property to investment assets shifts as one's wealth increases.

Taxable baseTaxed at 0.03%Percentage taxed at 5.69%Effective return
≤ 50,001 EUR (Bracket 1)67%33%1.898%
>50,001 EU ≤ 950,001 (Bracket 2)21%79%4.501%
>950,001 EUR (Bracket 3)0%100%5.69%

The calculation would work like this:

Netherlands crypto tax calculation example

  • Suppose Jan's taxable base was 300,000 EUR. The first 50,000 EUR of assets are tax-free.

  • The value of his assets in Bracket 1 would be 50,000 EUR. His return would be deemed go be 949 EUR in this bracket.

  • The value of his assets in Bracket 2 would be 200,00 EUR. He return would be deemed go be 9,002 EUR in this bracket.

  • Jan's total return would be deemed to be 9,951 EUR.

  • The 31% wealth tax would be applied to 9,951 EUR for a total wealth tax liability of 3,084.81 EUR

The wealth tax is reported in Box 3 of Mijn Belastingdienst. Tax returns are due May 1.

Crypto as wages

If crypto is earned as wages, its fiat value is reported along with other wages and income in Box 1 of Mijn Belastingdienst.

Learn more about crypto taxes in other countries in our Crypto Tax Guide.

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