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Tax Loss Harvesting

Advanced tax strategy, now available for crypto traders

Save money on your taxes with tax loss harvesting

If you hold assets at a loss, then you can save money on your taxes. TokenTax’s Tax Loss Harvesting dashboard tells you exactly how much losses you can claim by strategically selling off assets.

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What is tax loss harvesting?

Tax loss harvesting is selling off assets you hold at a loss to reduce your capital gains. When you reduce your capital gains, you owe less taxes. And, if you take a loss in crypto, you can offset other capital gains in assets like stocks. Learn more in our full guide.

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Tax loss harvesting sessions for smart investors

For our Pro and VIP users, our crypto tax accountants will walk you through intelligently harvesting your crypto tax losses. Harvest your losses and keep long term gains intact, or harvest your crypto losses alongside your stock gains and losses.

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