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Crypto Tax Reports

Automatically generate crypto tax forms

IRS Form 8949 PDF

TokenTax uses your cryptocurrency trade history to automatically generate a crypto Form 8949 to be included with your tax return. You can also create a Form 8949 for TurboTax import, whether for upload to their online version or a TXF file for their desktop / CD edition.

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Audit Trail Report

Track exactly how your crypto capital gains are being calculated with the Audit Trail Report. This report lists all your taxable sales, what exchanges the sales took place on, and any assets acquired in exchange for the asset sold.

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Cryptocurrency Mining & Income Tax Report

TokenTax automatically calculates the fiat value of taxable income you've made from crypto mining, staking, airdrops, and more. See your total crypto income for the year as well as create a crypto income report.

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International Gain / Loss Report

We support international users in any country. Create a crypto Gain / Loss report to demonstrate your capital gains and capital losses in any currency. For United Kingdom and Canadian filers, we support the Average Cost Basis accounting method.

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TurboTax Cryptocurrency Import

We're partnered with TurboTax for crypto. Once you've calculated your capital gains with TokenTax, you can instantly import your crypto taxes into TurboTax. Just look for our logo in TurboTax's online app.

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FBAR Highest Yearly Balances

Create a report that shows your highest yearly balance for international exchanges you’ve traded on, so that you can file the FBAR with FinCEN if you exceeded the reporting threshold. The report also shows your daily USD balances per exchange, so you can track your holdings value.

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