EtherDelta Tax Reporting

TokenTax imports EtherDelta data for easy cryptocurrency trade tracking and tax filing.

Uploading a EtherDelta CSV with TokenTax

  1. You can create a CSV of your EtherDelta transactions using the DeltaBalances Trade History Tool (

  2. Enter the address of the wallet used for Etherdelta on the top bar and click the search icon.

  3. Under the "select exchanges" dropdown, make sure that only EtherDelta is checked

  4. Under Date range, select manual block range and set the first (left) box to 1. It will default back to the earliest possible date (3154197). Don't worry — this will still pull the full history.

  5. Once your trades finish loading, select TokenTax (CSV) under Export trades and download the CSV.

  6. Upload your CSV file to TokenTax.

Calculate your crypto taxes now

TokenTax does the hard work so you don’t have to.