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How to Pay for TokenTax With Crypto

You can pay for a TokenTax plan with cryptocurrency. Here's our addresses for BTC and ETH payments. You can also request a Bitpay invoice.

We accept BTC and ETH direct or through Bitpay

It's no surprise that we accept crypto payments.

For VIP plans, we offer a discount on the checkout page if you pay with BTC via Bitpay. Note that you will need a Bitpay enabled wallet to be able to pay the invoice. You can also contact support to request a Bitpay invoice.

Otherwise, if you'd like to send direct, contact us via live chat on the lower right corner of the page and let us know that you are paying in crypto and which plan you are paying for. Then send the equivalent crypto amounts to:

BTC: 38QWR7ejahHamRV8b5BW9uPZtdzLu97pdo

ETH: 0xF348cc486535789c5489f4d9fFD53B2d07483Ab5