Having trouble syncing your data with API?

API capabilities vary from exchange to exchange. If you’re having trouble uploading your transactions via API, or there seems to be issues with your transactions, no need to fear. Here's some info on what could be happening:

My transactions are slow to appear

Exchange APIs have different call rate limits in order to prevent their servers from being overwhelmed by excessive calls or DDoS attacks. As a result, API lookups can take a long time if large amounts of transactions are being pulled. Binance and Kraken, for example, may take over 24 hours to sync if you have a large number of transactions to import. If the API import is taking too long, contact us — we’ll take care of it.

Transactions are missing from my API import

Some APIs do not allow for full historical import, allowing only order history from the past month or week to be imported. Import your transactions via CSV or manual upload

If you have previously uploaded from an API and are now uploading via CSV, avoid duplicates by deleting all transactions from the exchange. You can do this by first going to the "All Transactions" tab and filtering the results to the exchange in question. Then, check the boxes for transactions to be deleted (or check the top left box to delete whole pages) and click "Delete Selected." Now, with a clean slate, begin your CSV upload. 

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