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Have a Cryptocurrency Tax Accountant File Your Tax Return

Get your full tax return filed by a knowledgable cryptocurrency tax accountant. We handle most tax situations and file your return for you. File for any year.

Crypto CPA and accountant cryptocurrency tax preparation

At TokenTax, we offer full crypto tax return filing. We can file for the current tax year as well as handle tax return amendments for any past years (we’ve amended people’s tax returns to include crypto going as far back as 2012).

In addition to being a crypto tax platform, we are an accounting firm with a CPA. We offer accounting services for those who would like to work with a professional to handle their crypto capital gains taxes in the United States. Our tax preparers are fully knowledgeable when it comes to crypto and bitcoin taxes. 

We can also file the FBAR and FATCA 8938. Additionally, we handle crypto tax returns for businesses and self-employed individuals. 

It’s not a stretch to assume that more people than ever are filing taxes for bitcoin and crypto. With the IRS’s increasing attention towards cryptocurrency, it’s more important than ever to properly file your crypto taxes. 

While crypto taxes may seem stressful, crypto tax software and knowledgeable crypto tax accountants can make the process much easier — and it comes with the convenience of having the rest of your return filed as well. 

The advantages of using a crypto accountant

While there are countless tax professionals available to file tax returns, only a small number fully understand the tax implications of the relatively new asset class that is cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the IRS’s guidelines for crypto are in some places still unclear. An accountant who’s filed many returns with crypto included will know how to deal with situations of uncertain tax law. 

A crypto tax accountant will most importantly understand crypto edge cases, where it may be unclear how to most safely align with the IRS’s policies. For example, our team can help you properly deduct expenses in the case that you are mining bitcoin and reporting it as self employment income. For our high end clients, we help with tax planning and advanced digital asset situations. 

How does the process work?

Simply add full filing plan to your existing crypto plan. In addition to adding your crypto data, you can then also upload your crypto tax documents through your account. 

You will also complete a short questionnaire that will give our tax filing team the information they need to file your return as well as information on any special tax situations that need to be addressed. 

Full filing clients use our crypto tax platform to calculate their crypto capital gains as well as any ordinary income. Once that is complete, our tax filing team uses your crypto calculations to file your return as well as your FBAR, if applicable. 

Once you sign off on your tax return, we submit it to the IRS, and you don’t need to worry about your taxes any longer.