Creating a manual CSV report of your transactions

Our manual upload template is useful for adding transactions to your account. If you need to add just a few transactions, you can use the manual entry page on your account.

Manual entry is useful for when you need to:

  • Report miscellaneous transactions like over-the-counter trades, airdrops, ICOs, mining gains, and more

  • Upload data from an exchange that doesn’t offer CSV or API reports

  • Create a combined report of all your data

Download it here, and see below for instructions on how the template works. 


This first column indicates what type of transaction took place. Here are the valid transaction types — the type column must be one of the below types:

Trade: Exchanging crypto for crypto or fiat for crypto (and vice versa). This type is also used for crypto gifts received.

Deposit: Moving crypto into an exchange or wallet.

Withdrawal: Taking crypto out of an exchange or wallet.

Income: Receiving crypto as income. For example: airdrops, being paid in crypto, receiving crypto as a promotion (e.g. referral bonuses), mining rewards, or gambling rewards.

Spend: Spending crypto on goods or services.

Lost: Crypto lost, for example losing a private key for a wallet with crypto in it. 

Stolen: Crypto stolen, for example in the event of a wallet key being taken or an exchange hacked.

Mining: Crypto received as reward for mining. 

Gift: Crypto given away. Use the sell fields, leaving buy blank, and set the exchange as “Gift.”

BuyAmount and BuyCurrency 

These columns represent crypto you receive in a trade, or crypto you acquire. You use these columns in trade, deposit, income, and mining transactions.

SellAmount and SellCurrency

These columns represent crypto traded/transferred away or lost. You use these columns in trade, withdrawal, spend, lost, stolen, and gift transactions. 

FeeAmount and FeeCurrency

These columns account for any fees you paid for such transactions. This may be left blank as in some reports, transactions may already include fees in the amount.


This column tells where/how the transaction took place. Put the exchange name if the trade was done over an exchange. If the trade relates to a deposit, withdrawal, or transaction originating from a wallet, put the wallet name (e.g. Exodus). If an over-the-counter trade, put OTC. 


This column flags transactions that are margin trades. Leave blank unless the transaction is a margin trade, in which case it should read as “margin.”


This column is just that: comments. It’s optional to fill in any comments, but it can be helpful to keep track of what transactions were for.


This column should be formatted as MM/DD/YY HH:MM UTC.

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