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Can You Amend Past Tax Returns for Crypto Taxes?

You can amend past tax returns to include crypto. Many are amending past tax returns, particularly due to the IRS's increasing focus towards cryptocurrency.

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If you sold, exchanged, or spent crypto during any year, you need to report crypto tax for that year

You can amend past years to include your crypto taxes. With the IRS’s increasing focus on cryptocurrency, many are amending past returns for all years that they’ve transacted crypto.

You have up to three years to claim any losses or refunds. According to the IRS’s website, audits typically can include returns filed within the last three years in an audit, but they can go back farther in the case of substantial error, but usually not more than six years. 

We’ve worked with many to get their past years of crypto calculated and even amended with our full filing plans. If you’re looking to figure out a plan for amending many past years for your crypto, feel free to contact our support via our live chat or by email at support@tokentax.co.

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