The Rock Trading Tax Reporting

TokenTax connects to The Rock Trading for easy crypto-currency trade tracking and tax filing.

The Rock Trading crypto exchange

Uploading a The Rock Trading CSV with TokenTax

  1. Hover over your username at the top right and click Transactions history.

  2. Select the type of exchange, the currency, and a date range containing all your trades and click Export to CSV.

  3. Repeat the above step for any other currencies or types of exchange you have made.

  4. Upload your CSV file to TokenTax (

Importing a The Rock Trading API into TokenTax

  1. Access the API keys ( page by first clicking your username at the top right. Then, select My Personal Data, and then click API keys on the left sidebar.

  2. Click New. Do not select trade or withdrawal privileges.

  3. Click your new API key to see the secret.

  4. Paste the API key and secret to TokenTax (

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