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We support every exchange

No matter what exchanges you trade on, we support them for tracking trades and calculating taxes. Import your data automatically via API or upload a CSV of all your trades.

Abra Tax
Bibox Tax
Binance Tax
Binance US  Tax
Bitfinex Tax
Bithumb Tax
BitMEX Tax
Bitrue Tax
Bitstamp Tax
Bittrex Tax
Bleutrade Tax
Blockfolio Tax
BTC Markets Tax
BX Thailand Tax
Bybit Tax
Cash App Tax
Celsius Network Tax
Changelly Tax
Circle Tax
Coinbase Tax
Coinbase Pro Tax
CoinEx Tax
CoinExchange Tax
CoinMate Tax
CoinSpot Tax
CoinTracking Tax
Coss Tax Tax
Cryptopia Tax
Deribit Tax
EtherDelta Tax
Etoro Tax
Exodus Tax
Flexa Tax
Gatecoin Tax Tax
Gemini Tax
HitBTC Tax
Hotbit Tax
Huobi Tax
itBit Tax
Kraken Tax
KuCoin Tax
Liquid Tax
Livecoin Tax
Local Bitcoins Tax
Lykke Tax
Mercatox Tax
Nexo Tax
OKEx Tax
Poloniex Tax
The Rock Trading Tax
Tidex Tax
TradeSatoshi Tax
Uphold Tax
VINEX Network Tax
YoBit Tax

Don't see your exchange? Don't worry.

We will import your trade data no mater what. Learn how our team handles it all for you.

1. Upload any exchange report

No matter the exchange, you can import it into TokenTax. Just upload any exchange trading history CSV file.

2. Our team reviews and edits

If our system doesn’t automatically process an exchange’s trade report, our spreadsheet wizards on staff will handle it.

3. We put the trades into your account

Once we’ve processed your reports, the trades are added to your account and included with the rest of your crypto transaction history.

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