Save Money on Your Crypto Taxes

Crypto markets rise and fall. You may be holding assets at a loss. But there's a silver lining: capital losses can offset your capital gains, potentially reducing the taxes you owe on crypto.

The TokenTax Tax Loss Harvesting Tool

Our Tax Loss Harvesting tool tells you exactly how much of a loss you have per asset, so you can strategically sell off assets at a loss to reduce your capital gains for the tax year.

A 2019 TokenTax plan lets you harvest your losses and generate your tax forms for the 2019 tax year. Save money on your crypto taxes and save yourself the stress during tax season!

The TokenTax tax loss harvesting dashboard

Act quick — you can only harvest your losses during the tax year. After December 31st, you'll no longer be able to offset losses for the 2019 tax year.

Tax loss harvesting pays for itself

You may be able to recoup the cost of crypto tax software with Tax Loss Harvesting. You need to calculate your crypto taxes, so why not use the same software to save money on your taxes too?

Be ready to file your tax return

Once you've completed tax loss harvesting, your data remains in your account, ready to instantly create tax forms for tax filing season.

Keep an eye on your unrealized gains

The tax loss harvesting tool lets you know what unrealized gains you have as well. That way, you know how much taxable gains you may potentially trigger when you go to sell an asset.

Live support standing by

Get live support from crypto tax experts via live chat, whether it's for help uploading your data or for tips on how to maximize your tax loss harvesting.

You have until December 31st

You have only until the end of the year to harvest your losses. Get started with TokenTax and see how you can save money on your crypto taxes!

Calculate your crypto taxes now

TokenTax does the work so you don’t have to.

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