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TokenTax’s Integration with TurboTax Is Now Live!

For early filers and folks who about to file, we are happy to announce that our import partnership with TurboTax is live. You can now take your TokenTax crypto tax results and seamlessly import them into TurboTax.

Here are the steps. It’s quick!

  1. After you’ve uploaded all your data into TokenTax and chosen the accounting method of your choice, export your 8949 in CSV format from your TokenTax dashboard.

TurboTax Tax dashboard

2. In TurboTax, make sure to answer yes when asked, “Did you sell or trade cryptocurrency in 2018?”

TurboTax cryptocurrency screen

3. On the next screen, click TokenTax, then click Continue.

TurboTax cryptocurrency screen

4. Upload your 8949 CSV (what you downloaded in step 1).

TurboTax cryptocurrency screen

That’s it!

Note:  TurboTax online only supports CSV files that have up to 250 transactions. Speak to us if you have more than 250 transactions.

Our team is available via chat if you have any questions.

If you haven’t signed up for TurboTax yet, you can do so here: Sign Up for TurboTax

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