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Need a tax extension? We’ll file your extension for free

Nothing has us procrastinating more than taxes. Most would rather go to the dentist than do taxes. Others procrastinate for good reason — perhaps you are still working through your numbers and do not want to make a mistake. With a TokenTax full filing plan, we will file an extension for you for free.

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What’s the benefit of filing an extension?

An extension is not an extension to pay taxes due, but rather an extension of time to file. An extension can help avoid the “failure-to-file” penalty. We recommend making a payment with your extension if tax is expected to be owed. Interest on balances due will be charged with or without an extension.

The interest on your balance will be about 0.5% per month. However, it would be a 5% penalty if you do not file an extension and pay late.

As always, reach out to the team with any questions.

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