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The Liqui Exchange is Closing. Users Need to Download Their Transaction History: Here's How

Devin BlackUpdated at: Dec 2nd, 2019

Liqui has announced its immediate shutdown, stating that it has been unable to provide liquidity for its users due to market conditions. The Ukraine-based cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2016, and it flourished during the ICO bubble of 2017 as it offered hundreds of trading pairs, many of them for ERC-20 tokens.

2018’s bear market has lead to a steady drop in price and volume particularly for altcoins, a focus of the exchange. Liqui is the first — and hopefully the last for a while — exchange to go in 2019.

It’s important that you download your transaction history, in addition to withdrawing any funds on the exchange.

You’ll need it to compile your crypto taxes. Here’s how to download a CSV of your transactions:

  1. On Liqui, go to your Trade History page.

  2. At the top right of the table, click Export to CSV: All Trade History.

  3. Save the CSV to a safe place and upload it to TokenTax.

You have until February 28th to download your transactions before their website closes. After that, only their support team can process requests, but there’s no guarantee that they can support you beyond assisting with crypto withdrawals. Therefore, it’s vital you retrieve your transaction data now so that you can report it as required for taxes.

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