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3 Fascinating Business-Related Ethereum Projects

Devin BlackUpdated at: Mar 16th, 2020

In my professional life, I’ve tried my hand at many different careers. Beginning as a humble vending machine entrepreneur, I went on to earn my CPA credential and work as an accountant before deciding to go into business for myself while traveling abroad. I now run a network of informative websites dedicated to helping others achieve the same successes that I have through education.

My point is that I’ve seen a lot in my time, which has made me somewhat jaded. And yet, when it comes to the blockchain, I’ve found many reasons to get excited again about the future of finance, accounting, and marketing.

There are countless innovative implementations of this emergent tech that are powered by Ethereum, a token and decentralized app platform that encourages creative blockchain projects. Here are three such projects I’ve discovered that fascinate me due to their potential to revolutionize the way I do business.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of these projects or their teams in a professional or personal capacity. I receive no compensation from them, financial or otherwise. I just think that these projects look interesting!


Touting itself as “The Uber of advertising,” adbank is a project that’s attempting to solve the problems of bloated and fraudulent advertising practices. In order to avoid costly middlemen and click farms, their platform allows both advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ad space with instantaneous blockchain verification.

The fact that they’ve found a way to streamline the online marketing process is great, but that isn’t what fascinates me. Just about every blockchain-based startup or app is going to say that they “cut out the middleman:” that’s the point of blockchain!

No, the reason why adbank interests me is the way they plan on approaching ad-blocking: through a web extension called BLADE. What BLADE does is replace blocked ads with those run through adbank. And in order to get regular people onboard with the idea of willingly exposing themselves to ads, they incentivize users with compensation through their Ethereum-based currency.

As an online entrepreneur, advertising is the lifeblood of my industry. And what adbank is offering through their platform sounds effective and surprisingly functional. They may not reach the same heights as Uber in the near future, but they’re definitely onto something.

Guardian Gold

Libertarians rejoice! Finally, the gold standard has returned!

Well, not quite.

However, Guardian Gold is making an effort to bring the gold standard back into style with their token that is both gold and Ethereum-backed.

It can be difficult to explain to a blockchain noob what the difference is between fiat currency and crypto: in their minds, both are magic money that come from thin air. With GGT, however, it becomes much easier to explain that there is actually a method to the madness and a value backing to your fancy internet tokens.

If you’re interested in speculative finance but are spooked by crypto’s volatility (like me!), this is definitely something that should be on your radar. The synthesis of precious metals and crypto means that there is, in their own words, “a floor for the ultimate price” of their token, “but there is no ceiling.” Furthermore, they guarantee a 15% Proof of Stake Reward distributed to all token holders when new tokens are minted and sold.

I can understand if you’re experiencing skepticism around this project; truthfully, I’m also a bit hesitant to dive right in and invest my life savings. It’s also worth noting that their whitepaper only guarantees that you can redeem your tokens for actual gold in a suspiciously short timespan. However, their ICO does have decent ratings from multiple sources. In the meantime, I’m going to wait and see if this project fully pans out.


Once again, we have a Ethereum-based project that sets out to “cut out the middlemen” with ETHLend. This time, their targeted area of disruption is personal loans. And honestly, speaking from my experience in accounting, this is an idea that makes a lot of sense.

The way that blockchain technology allows for instantaneous verification of transactions that can be accessed from anywhere gets rid of most of the work that goes into the auditing process. (In fact, it’s led to doomsayers predicting that auditing as a career is on its way out, but that’s a bit too far-fetched for me to agree with at this time.) For that reason, using a service like ETHLend to send and receive crypto loans is an extremely logical one.

The way they make their money is a win-win too: either lenders and borrowers give up small percentages of each transaction, or they waive all fees by operating entirely in their own currency. They’ve also received favorable ratings from crypto watchdog organizations like Binance for their transparency and consistency when it comes to following their roadmap.

Anyway, these are just a few interesting projects I’ve seen coming out of the blockchain that have the potential to cause a real change in my neck of the woods. If you’re curious about what else Ethereum has to offer, I recommend you take a look around State of the Dapps; you never know what you’ll find!

Once again, I feel the need to stress that I am not affiliated with any of these projects nor am I guaranteeing that they will be successful. Do not take the things I’ve written here to be a recommendation of who to trust or where to spend your money.

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