Zac McClure

Co-founder of TokenTax
Wharton School of Business, MBA

About Zac

Zac McClure, MBA, is an experienced financial accountant, specializing in cryptocurrency, international tax filing, corporate financial statements, as well as financial and legal consulting.

He is the author of Cryptocurrency Taxes in the U.S.: The TokenTax guide to all things crypto taxes, as well as numerous articles and webinars on the topic of crypto taxes. He was previously the Director of Strategy at Elsevier. Along with his career as an international financial accountant at JPMorgan, Imprint Capital and Bain, he has worked in over a half-dozen countries helping different organizations with their financial statements.

He got into cryptocurrency while working on social impact investing with a Ripple investment opportunity at Imprint Capital in 2013, discovering that there was limited accounting and tax filing support for individuals and funds. Having tackled the task of completing his own crypto taxes, Zac co-founded TokenTax on the principle of bridging the gap between the old and new worlds of finance.

He received his MBA with high honors from the UPenn Wharton School as a Palmer Scholar and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Southern California with degrees in accounting and international business.

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